In order for your reservation to be realized, your full payment must be received.




The parties to this sales contract; Cobancesme Mah. Industry Cad. Nish residence B Block Flat: 85 Bahçelievler / Istanbul located at the address ” MY STAMBUL” On the other hand, a Domestic / International Package Tour sales contract has been drawn up between the Consumer regarding domestic / international package tours, within the framework of the following conditions.




The subject of this contract is the Law on the Protection of the CONSUMER numbered 4077 – Application Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts, regarding the sale and performance of the service, whose qualifications and sales price are specified below, and which the AGENCY sells to the Customer electronically on the www.mystambul.com website. It covers the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.




  1. The customer declares that he has read and learned all the preliminary information regarding the quality of the service, sales price, payment method and performance of the product subject to the contract and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.


  1. The AGENT is liable to the Customer due to the defectiveness of the contracted service.


  1. In case the relevant bank or financial institution fails to pay the service fee to the AGENCY due to the unfair or unlawful use of the Customer's credit card by unauthorized persons after the performance of the service, the Customer is responsible for the service fee and the resulting damages.




  1. The customer will stay between the dates mentioned above and if the facility is available outside of these dates, he can extend the date after making the request and payment for the extension to the agency.


  1. The Agency is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of valuables in the Customer's accommodation facility.


  1. The customer's check-in time is 14.00. The last time to leave the hotel is at 12:00.


  1. The customer(s) who do not sign the contract but participate in the service subject to the contract are deemed to have accepted and committed to the terms of the contract when the client(s) they have assigned to register on their behalf read and sign this contract. The right of recourse to other consumers is reserved for the collection of the excess amount or service fee paid by the Agency to the customer(s) who signed the contract.


  1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods and services within 7 days from the date of receipt or the signing of the contract without any legal or criminal liability and without giving any reason, and has the right to return the goods or services from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notifications to the agency. Promotional Price Products - Early Reservation - New Year - Holiday - Semester etc. The situation regarding the


return of the product purchased in campaign products, such as products with a campaign, does not bind the rights written in this article.




  1. The customer can transfer the purchased product to the person he/she wants until 7 days after the reservation date. The transferee is responsible for the balance and all costs incurred due to the transfer. The customer is obliged to submit all cancellation/transfer requests in writing to his agent before the start of the service. If the service received is a product within the scope of the campaign, this article is not valid.


  1. Unless the customer indicates in writing 7 days in advance that he/she has made the prepayment and requested the change regarding the reservation, the accommodation forms written in this contract are valid.


  1. When the customer requests cancellation, change or transfer within 7 days from the date of reservation, 35% of the price paid is deducted as compensation for withdrawal. If cancellation, change or transfer is requested on the 7th day or later from the date of booking, the price paid will not be refunded.


  1. If the customer does not notify in writing that he will participate in the service that he missed the beginning of; The Agency has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the Customer after 24 hours. No refund will be made to the Customer for such cancellations.


  1. The customer can transfer it to any person he/she wants up to 15 days before the start of the hotel reservation date. The transferor is jointly and severally liable for the balance and the costs arising from the transfer.


  1. The amount paid for the reservation will be refunded to the customer if he or his 1st degree relatives document their 10-day illness and death with an official report from a full-fledged state hospital.


  1. In cases where it deems necessary, the agency may partially or completely change and cancel the hotel reservation that it has announced or registered, provided that it notifies the consumer. If the customer does not accept these changes and cancellation, he has the right to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of the price paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation.




  1. It is the customer's duty of care, in good faith, to notify the customer in writing about the issues they are complaining about during the performance of the service. Even if the customer complains, using the service to the end without notifying the agency authorities eliminates the right to compensation such as replacement service and refund for the complaints.


  1. If the customer wishes, he can insure his reservation to cancel 72 hours before the start of the accommodation service. The scope of the coverage for the damage, loss and loss of customers who purchase cancellation insurance is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope or application of these guarantees.


  1. Even if the customer has not signed this hotel reservation contract by mail order, virtual pos, money order or eft for any reason, the customer has learned the terms of this contract, which will be valid between the parties, through the catalog, website or advertisements, and to receive this hotel reservation contract in the written conditions of this contract. they have committed.


  1. The customer undertakes to read and sign this contract after obtaining all kinds of information about the hotel signed with this hotel reservation and mentioned in the contract, both from the web addresses of the Agency and


from the company sales representatives, and after making all necessary examinations. The agency has announced the qualifications and starring of the accommodation facility promised to make the reservation, and the information about the services envisaged in the accommodation facility, based on the statement of the accommodation facility, its brochures and the information on the official website of the accommodation facility, and it is ready in accordance with the qualifications and starring standards in the announcements and declarations of the accommodation facility. The agent is not responsible for the absence of Responsibility is the sole responsibility of the accommodation facility. If the accommodation facility does not meet the prescribed standards or is not in a position to provide service at this standard at the start of the accommodation, the agency has the right to make reservations and not to accommodate the customer, provided that they do not stay in a facility of the same standard or in a higher category. If the customer does not accept such a change, he has the right to take back the total price paid for his reservation.


  1. If the hotel is not checked in without cancellation, the accommodation fee will not be refunded. In cases such as death, illness, accident, if the force majeure is documented, the costs of the periods not spent are refunded. In case of late check-in or early check-out for any reason other than these reasons, the remaining fees will not be refunded.


  1. Identity and age checks are made at the entrance to the facility. If there is a difference due to false or incomplete declarations, it will be charged at the time of check-in to the hotel. The agency is not responsible for this difference.


  1. During the early reservation period, the process written in article 3.G is not valid; cancellations, changes and transfers are only applied to customers with cancellation insurance.


  1. At the time of registration, at least 35% of the reservation price and the remaining balance must be paid at least 15 days before the service starts. If the specified payments are not made within the aforementioned periods, the reservation made is canceled and 35% of the service fee is invoiced to the consumer as compensation for withdrawal. If the service received is a product within the scope of the campaign, this article is not valid.


  1. In addition to price increases for the early booking period and/or all periods (except for system-related errors), the difference is not requested from the customer, nor is there a refund for discounts called action by the facility.


  1. The scope of coverage for deficient or defective performance, damage, loss and loss of consumers who purchase travel insurance service is determined by the policy of the insurance company that provides this service. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope or application of these guarantees.


  1. This protocol has been signed in two copies together with the arrangement, and in the debates arising from the protocol, the parties accept the articles of the TÜRSAB KÜTAHYA SCHEDULE exclusively.


  1. In the date, room type and hotel change processes requested by the customer; 35 TL service fee is charged for each transaction performed.


  1. The early departure request of the customer after the start of the stay is made in writing, including the reason for the complaint and force majeure, by evaluating in line with the approval of the tour provider. In case of early departure, since it is at the discretion of the cooperating provider whether the fee will be refunded, no objection can be made to the agency with a request in this regard and any penal action to be applied will be invoiced as the accommodation fee.


  1. The customer must first notify the hotel of all his dissatisfaction with the hotel, and then show the hotel as the opposite party in the lawsuits and complaints he will make. In no way material, moral compensation, etc. cannot make their requests through the agency.