1. Simit

Sesame-encrusted simit bread u can find all around Istanbul also it is part of breakfast culture of Turkey.

2. Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed Mussels – is more snack than a meal. It is stuffed with special kind of rice, onions and spices.

3. Maras dondurma

This is also part of Turkish culture, walking on the street, you can hear a man screaming and gtrabbing other people’s attention. If you get closer he will invite you to buy an ice cream, he will play with you and make show for like 15 minutes until he gives you your ice cream, you will enjoy the showdoesn't matter if you are a 5 - 25 - 55 years old, cause it brings joy to people despite of their age. The price for the ice cream is the same as the price of the normal ice cream.

4. Manti

Manti is part of the traditional Turkish cuisine, it is a meal stuffed with meat. It is perfect for family dinner gatherings

5. Kestane

A delicious street delight that heralds the beginning of winter. The roasted chestnut has no other taste like it. You can find chestnut barbeque shops in every corner of Turkey.

6. Turkish delight

As you know Turkey is known for their traditional sweets such as like baklava and kunefe. They are just two types from the various types of delicious deserts that you can try to eat next to your tea or Turkish coffee. Make your trip full of sweet memories

7. Baked Potatoes

Turkey is known for their baked potatoes with endless options of toppings, they call it - kumpir. You can find it everywhere, but there is also a spesicific part of the city that is famous for the various shops where you can try it - Ortakoy.

8.Fresh Fish Sandwiches

As you know Bosphorus is full of fish and fish cuisine, walking by the watersides of Bebek, Eminonu you can easily meet fishmen who are standing there since morning, catching their fish. So we are highly recommend you to try Fresh Fish Sandwich. It is a simple meal, but the taste of it will amaze you. Some lokals prefer to eat it instead of a dinner at the restourant.

9. Almonds On Ice

Just boiled almonds on the ice - a perfect summer refreshing street snack. A usual portion of it goes for 10 tl. A person who sells it will find you himself, they usually walk around the bars and pubs with tray on their hands offering to people.

10. Boza

It is popular winter drink that is thick as pudding, made from wheat, bulgur or millet. Boza is a very healthy drink with a lot of benefits, even for pregnant women. You can find boza in many cafes and grocery stores in Istanbul.

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