When you think of Turkey, you probably think mostly of the sun, sand, and sea. But Turkey is a huge country with all imaginable types of terrain, including world-class ski slopes!


Uludag is located near the city of Bursa and is perhaps the most famous and popular ski resort in Turkey. This is a short trip outside of Istanbul, from where you can reach Bursa by a pleasant ferry across the sea of Marmara. Uludag is a beautiful mountain and you can go down on skis with a view of the whole city opening up in front of you below. Of course, being so close to a major city, you can spend your days skiing, and in the evening enjoy the cuisine and culture of Bursa!


Along the Black sea, Kartalkaya is relatively close to both Istanbul and Ankara, and the surrounding area is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Admiring the views from the resort here is absolutely one of the highlights of the visit to Catalkoy.


Erciyes in Kayseri is the newest ski resort in Turkey. Mount Erciyes-volcanic mountain (no longer active! ) and at an altitude of almost 4000 meters, it is the highest peak in Anatolia. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year to climb this mountain, and recent investments have made it a truly modern ski resort, one of the best in Turkey.

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