Bursa is ideally located at the foot of the Uludag mountains and on the shore of the sea of Marmara. In summer, it is hot and surrounded by dense greenery, with lakes and swimming spots close to the city. In winter, snow descends into the nearby mountains, turning the city into a winter Playground for all ages.

Uludag is one of the most popular and easily accessible ski resorts in Turkey. Located near Bursa, the slopes are often full of both locals and tourists. Uludag has all the bells and whistles of a ski resort, with hotels, ski schools, rentals and more.

For those looking for a city break, Bursa offers Bursa city Museum, Bursa Anatolian car Museum, Bursa zoo and Bursa culture Park to entertain the youngest.


Izmir is an ideal place for a family holiday. Located on the Aegean coast, this modern city is steeped in history: Greek, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations have lived and flourished in this region for centuries. There are traditional archaeological museums and open ruins scattered across the hills and coastline to explore at your leisure.

Ephesus is one of the most magnificent Roman ruins in the world, the largest and one of the most important in Turkey. In low season, you will most likely have this place mostly for yourself, while in high season, many come to admire the library of Celsus, the temple of Hadrian, the huge 25,000-seat amphitheater, the baths, and other aspects of ancient Roman life.

Izmir has amazing beaches and plenty of entertainment in the heart of the city, making it an ideal summer destination for everyone. Cesme and Alacati are also nearby with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and some of the best Windsurfing spots in Turkey.


Patara, near modern Gelemis on the Mediterranean coast, is a short walk from Dalaman, Fethiye, Kash or Kalkan. The area, with its vast protected national Park, is undisturbed.

The ancient city of Patara was a key force in the Lycian Kingdom before becoming a key port city under the Romans. The ancient city stretches across the entire area in front of the beach, making it one of the most interesting ruins in the area.

Patara beach is a 12 km stretch of unspoilt sandy beach, perfect for sand castles and a break from it all - just walk along the beach until you find your spot and settle in for the day. From may to September, the beach is closed in the evenings, as the Caretta Caretta turtles (loggerhead) use the beach as a nesting site. You might even be able to see them come ashore to lay their eggs!

Since this is a protected area, there are no water sports in Patara, but body surfing on the waves should be more than enough entertainment. If not, the mountains behind provide plenty of opportunities for Hiking, wildlife viewing, river kayaking, and thermal springs.


Istanbul is fun for all ages. With a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities, it's a challenge to get bored in this metropolis! Depending on the season, large museums and art galleries may offer some festive activities for children: drawing, arts and crafts, or exploration-style activities. Local councils offer a wide range of festive activities: magic shows, puppet shows, theater performances, and more for children (originally in Turkish).

In addition to the classic Istanbul Sultanahmet tour, there are even more opportunities to explore! The princes ' Islands are just South of the city, just a short ferry ride away. The city is bordered by forests, coasts, and has sweet Islands to the South. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to gather in parks and green spaces for Hiking, Cycling and swimming.

For more Cycling, there is an extensive coastal track along the Asian coast and another that is currently being built on the European side. You can walk along these paths, of course. With restaurants, cafes and playgrounds dotting the coastline, you're sure to find something that's perfect for your family - and get a slice of Istanbul that most visitors just don't see!


Chanakkale is an excellent choice for a family holiday. With seaside delights to enjoy, national parks with Hiking, Biking and camping to explore and ancient and modern historical sites above and below, you will truly be spoilt for choice!

Chanakkale is located in the Dardanelles Strait, a body of water that connects the Northern sea of Marmara with the Southern Aegean. Bays and coves are mostly safe, even for weaker swimmers. The beaches are sandy and ideal for sand castles.

The ancient historical cities of Troy and Pergamum are just around the corner, and it's definitely worth a trip. Gallipoli is a great place for diving. The only thing you need to do is decide your route!

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