1. Sweets & Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is the part of the Turkish culture. In Turkey people drink dozens of cups it during the whole day. Whether you are interested in sampling local Turkish Coffee, a thick, strong brew made to your taste; sweet (tatli), medium (orta) or plain (sade), slowly sipping and enjoying a little something sweet alongside.

Also, Turkish sweets are popular all around the world. Their baklava with pistachio powder.

2. Live Music

If you walk on the streets of Karakoy or Beyoglu, you can simply meet local artists singing and dancing in the middle of the street or come into a small street festival. By the way, in Istanbul are a wide variety types of festivals, not only based on music. The most popular ones are coffee festivals, or festival of tulips, festival of antiques, sometimes they even do auctions. For proper shows there are countless number of pubs, bars and meyhanes (Turkish traditional bars where everyone gathers to drink Raki with live music) that have concerts not only on weekends but every night of the week. No matter your musical taste, Istanbul will have something for you.

3. Ferry Ride

Ferry Rides are a daily public transportation reality for many people. They use it to go from the European side to the Asian. The station you can find everywhere in the city, they are used as a normal bus station. Enjoy the view of Bosphorus by drinking a fresh juice or a cup of tea while your ferry trip.

4. Museums and art galleries

In Istanbul you can find various types of art exhibitions of the local and international artists. Also, in Turkey a lot og art museums and esthetical beauty places in Istanbul. Such districts like Beyoglu, Chihangir, Galata. Places like Istanbul Modern, SALT Galata.

5. Enjoy a Meyhane

Meyhanes are traditional turkish pubs where people gather to drink raki(strong traditional alcohol drink - 45% by volume) with live music - dancing, singing, enjoying the warm company, and good food. Everyone who visits Istanbul needs to experience such a night.

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