How to get from the New Airport to the city center?

Before you arrive in Turkey, you need to have HES-code.

When you arrive in Istanbul, be sure to buy İstanbulkart and link your HES-code.

1. A convenient way to get to the center is of course to order a transfer. You will be met at the exit with a sign and taken to the specified address. You can order a transfer here.

2. One of the budget ways is Havaist. The Sultanahmet area can be reached by HVİST-12. The HVIST-12 bus routes with stops are listed below: Nurtepe-Vi̇yadük - Ayvansaray - Ulubatli - Aksaray - Beyazıt Meydan (near the Grand Bazaar).

Fare in bus HVIST-12 - 35 lire. Depending on traffic jams, the time to the final station may take 90 minutes.

The Taksim area can be reached by HVİST-16. The fare is 35 lira.

In the Asian part of Istanbul, Kadikoy district go HVİST-14. The fare is 38 lira.

HVİST-15 buses go to the Besiktas area for 29 lira.


The cheapest way is H-2 buses. The final stop is Şişli metro station. The fare is only 8 lira and you need to use Istanbulkart. It takes 2 hours to get to Sisli station.


A quick way to get to the city center is by taxi. The road without traffic jams to Sultanahmet is about 40-50 minutes. Payment by meter. You can pay in cash or by credit card.

From Sabiha Gokcan Airport to the city center.


Express buses with minimal stops. You can pay in cash.

Since there is no direct bus to Sultanahmet, you will have to change trains:

Get off at Taksim and take the metro to Vezneciler station, then take the T1 tramway to Sultanahmet. Or take a taxi at Taksim Square.

2. City buses

Not an expensive way to get to the center. E-10 buses run to the Kadikoy area. The price is 8 lira. You have to pay Istanbulkart. Then you can get to the desired address by ferry or metro.

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