Istanbul International Tulip Festival

Today, the Turks actively seek to regain the status of the tulip capital from the Dutch. Since 2005, it was decided to revive the ancient tradition and annually hold the Tulips Festival in Istanbul. This event became one of the ways not only to demonstrate their love and respect for the national symbol, but also to tell tourists about local traditions and eastern flavor.

For a month, the Turkish capital dresses in a colorful outfit. Tens of millions of tulips open their delicate buds. Local breeders managed to bred over 2 thousand varieties. They are planted in yards, parks, squares, along roads and highways. The bulbs are planted not only by municipal brigades, but also by local residents. On the eve of the holiday, everyone receives free planting material.

The main celebrations and mass festivities are held in the central Emirgan Park and near the Blue Mosque on Sultanahmet Square. Hundreds of landscape designers embody amazing compositions, colorful and elegant outlines. Early and late views bloom gradually, which extends the colorful splendor for almost two months.

At this time, the metropolis hosts festive concerts, theater productions, shows with lotteries and contests, street food. Mass fairs work, where you can buy flowers of your choice, as well as thematic souvenirs. In the streets you can see luxurious sculptures made of tulips of fancy shape.

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